Grave of pain
ساعت ۳:٠۱ ‎ق.ظ روز ۱۳٩۱/٥/٧ : توسط : طلا نوری مهر

I am going
to go to the cemetery

Dig a very
deep and deep grave

Before bury
me in the grave

I ,ll pull
out my spites and pains

From my
larynx and chest

Also the
darkness from my heart

And bury all
of them in the grave

Stampede on
them again and again

So that
nothing remains holes

I never put
flower on this grave

I never cry

Sit there as
much as it begins to rain

And the
rainstorm washes all the hatreds

Washes and
washes and washes

May be I
become fresh maybe


Calm, free
and lighthearted

I ,ll return
to the life

Calm , free
and lighthearted