I love

I love

Glorious flash of death of leaf

Fall of rain drop in the ocean

And its immerge in the patient soil of desert

To renew and renovate

I love

Glorious flash of death of mine

Rupturing wrap of woof, woof of my body ,s wrap

By the cold and unaffected soil

To renew and renovate

I grow and burst again

Maybe in the heart of a flower

In what I gush?

I wish in a butterfly

Or in a crystal rush

In a closed mouth bud

Till my words flower

Leaving my inert body

I have to go a trip

I can be a bit of virginal nature

Petal or leaf maybe rainforest of poplar

Maybe I am down of willow branches

Whatever I am

How I am

Not to be human it is better

I can be the yellowness of a fall leaf

Or red wine in cherry or strawberry

I can be even a snow flake

White and white crunchy and crunchy


Fresh clover that a little ship chews it

Water, jet of water, smell the flower

Whatever I am

It,s better no human

I love to be a shadow over the world

I love to be love

I love to be full of myself

I love my ego

I love my ego






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