I am homesick Spring!

through full of glory and dust

winding and blowing

Removes dust
from your body

Pour rain
storm and hail stone

Then smells wet soil, smells creating

I am as
nature as you

I am
homesick, Spring

Grass peers
of soil and drinks rain

completely satiated and drunken

But I am
homesick yet , Spring

I wish with
dust of your body

Wind took my

Or rain
washed my grief

And me

Drunken and
loving, once only once

Or even for
the last time

your coming with pleasure , spring

You know, Spring

I am


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شبهای بارانی(Ali.bzr)

""سلام دوست عزیز... خسته نباشید ...وبلاگتون عالیه....... خوشحال میشم تو وب سایت ما عضو بشین...منتظر حظور گرمتون هستیم....""


I think Spring is you,you should try to back again to show your beauty. A.W